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Hello, my name is Shelley and I am a Property Stylist  in Brisbane! Welcome to InHome Styling

When change was thrust upon me unexpectedly, I had no idea where life was going to take me. I took some much needed time out to decide my future. In that time, I came across opportunities to declutter and organise a couple of homes. Organising is something I have enjoyed doing for many years.

Not only did the homes look and feel so much more inviting, my friends also reaped the benefits. Their spirits lifted as if a big weight had been removed from their shoulders. Often a cluttered environment makes for a cluttered mind. Once this was removed it gave them more appreciation for their home, allowing for clear vision and new ideas.

My previous experience spans 30 years, working for two major big name companies. I acquired the business expertise and confidence to pursue my passion and establish Rooms for Miracles, realising how many people need help. I know the difference I can make in today’s time poor environment.

  • Do you spend time doing the things you love?
  • Is clutter causing you frustration in your home life?
  • Would you appreciate being able to offload the legwork to someone who can do this efficiently?

As a Professional Organiser, I want to help you! My aim is to help you take back control of your life so you can spend it doing the things you love. I can assist you by developing functional and maintainable spaces. The benefits are numerous once you begin the decluttering and organising process. It can open doors to wonderful possibilities of change.

  • Stress levels will be improved by having an organised home and schedule. No more searching for things at the last moment, running late or forgetting things.
  • You can save money by spending less. You will be able to find things quickly and easily and not have to buy something again.
  • Improve your health. De-cluttering will reduce airborne bacteria and dust.
  • Being organised will free up your time for the things you want to do. More time for you, family and friends.

I would love to help you to organise your space for a happy home and heart!