My husband and myself really appreciate all the caring and support you provided us through a very overwhelming time of downsizing and preparing our home for sale. Your calm approach really made it so much easier for us to manage, and that’s on top of all the hard work you did alongside us.

We are so appreciative that you were there from start to finish and we achieved a lot with your methodical, organised and calm manner. Starting with decluttering, prepacking, staging the house for sale, and finally packing up.

Everyone who came into our home commented on the beautiful way you staged and displayed the house to its very best aspects.

We loved every minute working with you and would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone. Calling you was the best phone call I made in this whole journey of downsizing.

March 18th 2018



K. Collins

Shelley has been working with me over the past month or so to get me organised around my home. I truly appreciate her wonderful way of getting me organised, without judgement. I can be hard on myself at times with my situation and she always turns it into a positive by saying something encouraging to me.

Shelley you are awesome and your help is very much appreciated.

February 7th 2018


Shelley from Rooms for Miracles is amazing. She helped me go from total overwhelm with packing up my house to calm and organised! Shelley’s calm, friendly and super caring approach made the whole task so much easier and smoother. Shelley goes above and beyond for her clients and I can highly recommend her excellent services.

Oct 29, 2017



Shelley, thank you for the amazing job you did for me, I really appreciate it. Also for your tips on ways for me to go forward with releasing more things.

It’s wonderful to feel so much space in those three rooms, I feel like I have a house now and not a storage facility. I especially thought it was great this morning when I could easily put the ironing board up in the laundry and iron.

Clutter certainly has a kind of heavy feel to it that you don’t fully recognise until it’s gone and you can feel the freedom it gives you.

Thanks again

Oct 5, 2017

AF @ Teneriffe

Shelley, thank you so much!

After we downsized into our apartment we had not fully sorted the contents of our wardrobes and cupboards. It is really pleasing now to have had your help so that everything is organised. I appreciate you coming on three occasions to finish the job, as it can be a little stressful to do it all at once. The room by room approach suited us. You were really professional and supportive.

I would highly recommend you to others who may need professional home organising.

Mar 22, 2016

S. Crawford

I am a mother to two special needs children, run my own business and just don’t have the time to be constantly on top of keeping my house organised.

After my parents passed, I had boxes of their things that I had to go through. I found the whole idea confronting. Then I met Shelley and knew that she was the answer.

Shelley helped me overcome the emotional attachment to much of their stuff that I really had no need for. Shelley helped me with rehousing things, which is exactly what my mother believed in. Most of the things were given away, but I would never have been able to do this without Shelley helping me through the process.

Later, Shelley worked with my son for a day after we moved him to another part of the house. Somehow, Shelley inspired a teenage boy to find places for everything and to part with the boxes that everything came in. Now I find this child who would never pick anything up off the floor, regularly spending Friday after school tidying his room before the weekend. I have recently had a friend stay in his room for a week and the day before she arrived, he spent the day making sure everything was put away, changing his bed and making it beautiful for her!

I cannot say enough how wonderful Shelley is at transforming your home. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Feb 25, 2016


Shelley has helped me on three different occasions recently. I had the typical feelings of being overwhelmed to tackle decluttering my spare room/office, linen cupboard, and garage – the latter had accumulated lots of things down each side that I wanted to sell, donate or dump.

I couldn’t have asked for better help than Shelley. She has such an easy manner and she knew how to tackle each area immediately, being very sensitive to my feelings when we had to deal with items left from my deceased parents. I can’t believe what we achieved in such a short amount of time. I’ve been mulling over these areas for years, procrastinating and feeling bad because I couldn’t get things done by myself. Now, after just a few hours I have my space back and organisation and enjoy my home even more. It has been energising.

One of the best things about Shelley’s service is that she takes away items for donation that go to worthwhile charities and families in need.

If you are like me and can’t get started, give Shelley a ring and ask for help

Feb 16, 2016


Late last year I was blessed with a gift voucher from a friend offering me Shelley’s service. At first, I hesitated to book, not sure whether someone would “get” my particular hoarding and my emotional connection to items and the chaos created in ones home. Today, not only have I accomplished something I never thought I would, but I found someone who “gets it”. Shelley was gentle and has a true love and talent for what she does. Being able to completely purge my wardrobe (3 massive bags donated /thrown away) it wouldn’t have been possible without Shelley by my side, guiding me and offering me amazing advice. I feel completely free this afternoon and I have been sitting in my wardrobe just looking at my clothes and smiling. Thank you, Shelley, from the bottom of my heart for helping me with something I have struggled with and I cannot wait to start our next project.

Jan 10, 2016

K. Woolard

I hated walking into my office. Every moment I spent in there I silently screamed of how I wished I could snap my fingers like Mary Poppins and the room would instantly tidy and organise itself. But, I was too overwhelmed by the enormity of the task to ever make much headway.

Shelley, my chosen Professional Organiser, did not disappoint. During the consultation, she listened to me as I explained what I use the office for, what aspects I specifically needed help with, and what my responses were to the ideas she presented.

I feel a huge, very tangible difference with my self every time I walk into, look at, or even think of my office. It’s neat, tidy and uncluttered. It has simple systems that are easy to maintain, is set up the way I prefer to work, and, I can see the carpet.

I actually enjoy being in my office now. I walk in, look around, take a deep breath and exhale slowly feeling a sense of peace and satisfaction. Because I no longer feel agitated when in my office, I’m also more productive. I can find everything I’m looking for straight away. I’ve also been inspired to sort, cull and organise my other less messy rooms.

So, if there is a room, office or even your whole house that has become a space you prefer to avoid because it’s bringing you down, this is your nudge. I can highly recommend Shelley from Rooms for Miracles.

Nov 29, 2015

D. Kimlin

We moved house in January, totally unprepared for the massive job of setting up a home. Things were just crammed into any available space at the time, with the thought that “one day” I would get around to sorting everything into some semblance of order.

Well the year moved on, and with an enormous workload on my shoulders (I’m a contractor, so time is money!) and a hubby who thinks doing the dishes is enough (being particular where everything should go is a little  ‘OCD’), well, my cupboards were taking on lives of their own.

Then came surgery, which rendered me unable to stretch, bend, sweep, mop or lift more than 2kg for four weeks. Christmas was looming, and finding the enthusiasm to prepare for the big day was simply out of the question. To make things even worse, I suffer a mild form of agoraphobia, so my home is my world.

Thank God for Shelley. She walked through the kitchen, dining and office rooms, and worked magic! She created a space for everything I needed, and helped me work through the clutter to unload all that extra stuff that was crowding my space and my mind! We took two carloads of stuff to charity stores, and she found all sorts of treasures that I forgot I owned to decorate my world in a calm, uncluttered and tasteful way. I can’t wait to welcome my Christmas dinner guest now!

Dec 18, 2014

J. Griffith

Shelley came to me at a time when my life had become very overwhelming and my home reflected this. My organisational skills had become affected by the chaos that had entered my life. Every aspect of my property was in need of attention.

She worked tirelessly and enthusiastically maximising her amazing abilities. She showed pride and passion in her work and I wouldn’t hesitate to refer her to my friends and clients, in fact, my friends on entering my home commented on the huge difference she had made.

In addition to her skills, Shelley has a very approachable, personable, likable character, which made her a joy to have in my home. The peace and tranquility she has brought into my life is enormous.

Sep 23, 2014